Payroll Giving is the simplest and most tax-effective way to donate to Operation Smile.
The donation is taken from your gross wage before tax is deducted so a donation of £10 for the charity will cost you only £8.

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Why Payroll Giving?

Easy and Convenient – The simplest way to transform lives, coming straight from your pay whilst giving you complete control over donation amount and frequency

Cost Effective – Payroll Giving is a tax effective way to donate, so that it costs less to give more

Gifting Smiles – Payroll Giving is a great way to support Operation Smile’s work and help change the lives of children suffering with cleft around the world. £15 can pay for antibiotics for 10 children, £50 can pay for the medical supplies required for an operation, £150 can pay for an entire Operation Smile Surgery

So why not sign up today and make a difference to children suffering with cleft conditions around the world. It is super easy, quick and you can start from just £1 a month.

Why Operation Smile?

Every 3 minutes a child is born somewhere in the world with a cleft condition.

Children like Faustina, who for 17 years lived with the burden of her unrepaired cleft lip and the deeply rooted stigma that came with it in her hometown of Amoya, Ghana. Unable to attend school, left without friends and fearing emotional and physical abuse, Faustina was left isolated and lonely.

Everything changed for Faustina in November 2017, when an Operation Smile mission to Koforidua lit a beacon of hope. For Faustina and her devoted father Mohammed, Operation Smile and surgery was a case of their prayers being answered. “Now that Operation Smile has helped my daughter, today when I look at her, I feel happiness within me.”

When Operation Smile caught up with Faustina a year on from successful surgery, she was a person transformed in energy and demeanour, full of happiness and ambition. Faustina now aims to graduate alongside her newfound best friends as a seamstress so that she can open her own shop. For her Father, seeing Faustina this happy is the “promised land”, made possible by Operation Smile.

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